About Us

Our methods…

Welcome! I'm Ignacio, the headmaster of NET. I would like to tell you that our team of teachers (is composed of excellent professionals who) have experience in giving online as well as on-site classes.

From our point view, the education is not a process which involves the student as an individual "learning" a topic, but as a person with a story behind.

Therefore, as each person has a different story full of many experiences, we consider it is quite relevant to empathise with the and adapt the methods for each student... 

 ...in order to make the education a process of constant development.


Our mission

Our mission is promoting the health and education beyond physical and ideological boundaries. It is the language which allows us to develop ourselves in pursuit of our vision; as through the oral expression (the speech), we are able to discover new places adopting an endless amount of mental schemes which make our brain healthier.

So here is the question: What is the purpose?

We are just humans... we are constantly improving and evolving.

Strengthen our bonds though our capacity of learning from different cultures by speaking languages gives us an extraordinary degree of neuroplasticity. It is this plasticity which allows us to connect with each other, setting aside all kind of individuality and facing the usual problems and adversity.

We live in a community, we develop in a community, and also, we improve ourselves in a community.

For a better world,